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Lane Tech Debaters Make History at Urban Debate National Championship & Win Second Consecutive Title to Become the Most Winning Team in the Tournament’s History

(Washington, DC) From April 12-14, 42 teams from 21 urban debate leagues across the country converged on Georgetown University for the Urban Debate National Championship (UDNC). The tournament, hosted by the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues, provided a chance for debaters who spent the year debating the topic of immigration against teams in their own city, to compete at a national level. Lane Tech and Solorio Academy represented Chicago at the tournament, with Lane Tech ultimately winning the title championship.

Lane’s win marks the second consecutive time they’ve won the championship, including senior Ariana C. who made history as the only debater to win the title twice. This is the third time that Lane has won the UDNC, making them the most winning team in the tournament’s 12-year history. Their first win was in 2008, the first year the UDNC tournament was held.

“I’m exceedingly proud to see my students not only achieving success through debate wins, culminating in the phenomenal accomplishment of back to back National Championship titles,” said Coach Andy Fine. “But even more important is the pride I hold in watching my debaters speak passionately about incredibly sophisticated, real topics going on in the world, and becoming good people who will become thoughtful adults with integrity, helping create a brighter future for us all.”

Both Lane Tech and Solorio are a part of Chicago Debates, a nonprofit that partners with Chicago Public Schools to establish and support competitive after-school debate throughout Chicago. Since partnering with CPS in 1997 to launch the Chicago Debate League, Chicago Debates has grown the League from just five high schools to 85 middle and high schools this year, serving 1600 students. To learn more visit