Program Officer for School Support

In this role, Audrianah is the CEO of building sustainable debate programs. This includes providing quality coach support and tournaments for students to improve skills and engage in the community. Audrianah has been involved in debate for 10 years–experiencing the transformative power of debate firsthand drives her commitment to the Chicago Debates vision and mission. 

In high school, Audrianah competed in policy debate and transitioned to Lincoln Douglas in college. She attended Central Michigan University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. She also was the debate team president and ranked 4th in the country at the National Forensics Association national tournament in Lincoln Douglas debate. She also interned in China as a debate coach.

In her free time, Audrianah enjoys traveling and trying new food with her partner, hiking with her dog, and lazy days with her cat. She loves to celebrate holidays (especially Christmas) and making personalized gifts for her loved ones that incorporate her fondness for embroidery, scrapbooking, and crocheting.