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Volunteer Spotlight: Shavon Womack

Shavon Womack is the ultimate rockstar volunteer. Her absolute dedication to the work is inspiring to see. Out of the 20 weeks of tournaments we ran last year, Shavon volunteered as a judge or table operator at all but two of them! As someone with no prior experience with debate, we wanted to hear directly […]

Chicago Debates through the Heat

Chicago comes alive in the summer with festivals, cookouts, traveling and the beautiful sun. For Chicago youth, summer is a great opportunity to relax and get involved with various programs aimed at enhancing their skills outside of the school year. This summer, over 180 students chose to take advantage of their time off by attending […]

Topic of the Year

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States. Each year, the debate topic is chosen by a vote of participating schools across the country. This year, students across Chicago will have the opportunity to debate core issues regarding a topic front and center in the […]

Letter from the Executive Director

Hello Chicago Debates Family & Friends, What a great time to join the Chicago Debates team! As we embark upon many exciting changes, I am inspired and eager to lead this charge.  In my short time here, I’ve met so many great people who are passionate about debate, many of whom are former debaters that […]