Allstate Incentives Transforming CDL Coach Training and Performance

A vital component of Allstate’s Premier Sponsorship of the CDL is a program of incentives for coaching performance and dedication.  Performance is measured by achieving high levels of student tournament participation and dedication is measured by professional development hours.  These incentives are making a very real difference already this year.

Allstate’s Performance Incentives offer coaches a $100 incentive for every six additional debaters from their school that participate this year in T1-T3 compared to last year.  Coaches will also receive a $100 incentive for every twelve additional debaters from their school that participate over the course of this season T1-T6 compared to last year.  The Top Ten schools in overall participation will receive a $350 incentive at the Chicago Debate Championship and the second ten schools will receive a $150 incentive.

In the Chicago Middle School Debate League, the incentives for increasing tournament participation is the same — $100 for every 6 more debaters at mid-season, after MS T2, and $100 for every 12 more debaters at the end of the season.  For overall participation, the 1st ranked school receives $350, 2nd ranked receives $250, 3rd ranked $150.

Allstate’s Professional Development Incentives are offered to coaches for completing professional development hours under the new CDC Professional Development System, which offers PD in seven various forums – from Coach Training Seminars to mentor coaching visits, to on-line video training.  Coaches were offered a $100 incentive at the end of the first half of the season if they completed 10 hours of professional development.  Coaches will be offered an additional $100 incentive at the end of the season for completing a total of 20 PD hours for the season.

Through this program, Allstate has partnered with the Chicago Debate Commission to reward the exceptional professional commitment that is required to expand the number of students in academic debate and to attain the professional skills conducive to this success.  The Allstate Incentives offer increased compensation to the outstanding and dedicated debate educators in the CDL.

Valerie House, Head Coach at Lane Tech, commented on the incentives: “The Allstate Coaching Incentives are an efficient and very much appreciated show of support for the teachers that are working most closely with the debaters in the CDL.  We appreciate this concept, and I personally feel recognized and rewarded for the substantial time commitment and passion that I’ve dedicated to my debaters.”

April Dressel, Head Coach at Power House Charter, also commented: “I enjoy the professional development offerings of the Chicago Debate Commission and I have learned a great deal in their training sessions.  But offering the incentives for attending these sessions gives the experience a more professionalized feeling – rather than a voluntary student, I’m an educational professional being paid to expand my professional skills.  It’s the right way to do this, and I thank the CDC.”