Announcing CDL Blog to Support Coaches, Debaters, Judges and Administrators

The CDL Blog, the official web log of the Chicago Debate League, was launched last month by the Chicago Debate Commission to be used by the coaches, debaters, judges, administrators, alumni, and supporters of the CDL. It’s Web address is:

Danielle Rupert, of Hyde Park Academy, gives a speech during a round at T2

In just a few short weeks, CDL Blog has quickly become the primary centralized vehicle by which the CDC communicates CDL-related information to its members. League-wide announcements will now be posted on the blog instead of being emailed en masse. CDL Blog also houses important information and resources for debaters, coaches, judges, and volunteers.

CDL Blog’s home page primarily serves a news function, keeping all CDL members up-to-date on league developments, announcements, and even links to this year’s tournament results packets. You can also find links to expanded opportunities for CDL debaters and information on upcoming tournaments.

CDL Blog has pages designated for debaters that provide resources for learning how to debate, the current debate topic, at-home research strategies and many other instructional resources. CDL Blog’s coaches section contains a range of administrative, instructional, and tournament documents, as well as other support resources for our coaches such as idea-sharing, information and links to other helpful internet sites. CDL Blog has similar pages targeting league volunteers, parents, middle school participants, and judges.

One of the most exciting features of CDL Blog is that it enables conversations and feedback within our community through the extensive comments functionality in each section. Through this interface, we hope to improve the CDL and CDL Blog in the months to come.

While CDL Blog replaces many functions of the CDL list-serves and their Files pages, the email list-serves will continue to be used as a means of communication with the league, for coaches to issue information and to communicate with CDC administration.

The launch of the CDL Blog comes in advance of a new public website, to begin later this fall, which will function as an advocacy vehicle for supporters, prospective supporters, the media, and for all those in the broader Chicago area and beyond who want to know more about the CDL as an educational project.

The CDL Blog is the CDC’s comprehensive electronic center for programming in the Chicago Debate League — check out how it is being used today!