Hanna Nasser

I debated for Whitney Young High School for four years. My debate partner and I were the first team from a Chicago Public High School to win the Illinois State Championship in Policy Debate. I am in my last year at the University of Illinois where I am pursing a double major in Gender and Women’s Studies and Political Science.

After graduating high school, I had a paid marketing internship with a CDC sponsor, Performance Trust Capital Partners. The experience I gained from this allowed me to secure a job at the University of Illinois Undergraduate Library. I was also a lab instructor at the Chicago Debate Summer Institute after high school. I gained a new appreciation for teaching as a profession and how it can impact young minds. I learned how to better communicate complex concepts to younger students, and gained the patience and passion necessary to help them succeed.

My experiences debating in the Chicago Debate League were integral to shaping my interest in politics, international relations, and public policy issues. What I learned while debating gave me invaluable tools for conquering college. When I graduate, I hope to continue my education and pursue a Master’s Degree in a related field.