Richard “Dick” Sullivan
Chicago Debates and NAUDL Co-Founder

During the period October, 2001 to mid-2016, Dick worked almost exclusively on developing and managing urban school system debate leagues, both nationally and for Chicago Public Schools. He served initially as a debate judge, then as a tournament organizer, then as a coach at Walter Payton College Prep, then as leader of the National Circuit debate program, and then as co-founder and first chairman of the Chicago Debates organization. In 2005 he also co-founded the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL) to build and support similar urban debate leagues in currently 22 major school systems around the U.S.

Dick continues to support urban debate at both the local and national level. But he is now devoting  most of his time to fighting ageism, serving disadvantaged citizens, and reforming our criminal justice system through various charitable initiatives.

From 1969 to his retirement in 2000, Dick worked at Accenture Ltd. as a corporate consultant for business process improvement and advanced information technologies. He retired as a partner in 2000.