This year’s topic: U.S. transportation infrastructure policy

Chicago Debate League students have already begun preparing to debate the 2012-2013 national debate topic – Resolved: that the United States federal government should substantially increase its transportation infrastructure investment in the United States.

Among the transportation policy issues that will be debated during the year are:

  • job creation and economic stimulus;
  • energy-efficient transportation as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • national security and terrorism prevention in transportation;
  • federal budget deficits and tradeoffs with other government investments;
  • federalism and states’ rights;
  • the 2012 Presidential election and political response to transportation;
  • access to transportation for the poor, minorities, and the disabled;
  • transportation’s role in free trade and foreign relations, particularly in North America;
  • questions about whether our capitalist economic system is at the root of transportation access issues and whether transportation policy contributes to inequality or reduces it
  • privatization of national transportation infrastructure; and
  • high-speed rail, electric car charging stations, and other transportation technology.