COVID-19 drastically disrupted life for everyone. Across the nation, students have been forced to virtually attend school and forego all extracurricular activities.  Well, we haven’t let that stop us from offering debate programming to our students! 

Since April, we have brought debate to them virtually, including:

  • Five “webisodes” on debate, including introducing our early research on the upcoming year’s debate topic around Criminal Justice Reform
  • A virtual speech contest
  • Online Demo Debates as a resource for students and coaches to see debate in action, specifically in relation to this year’s debate topic. See our Core Files.
  • Expert Lectures Series on Criminal Justice Reform as another resource for students and coaches to deepen their knowledge and evidence for argumentation
  • We kicked off our debate season in October and have already facilitated 41 virtual tournaments. See our Virtual Program Guide.
  • We’ve registered nearly 800 students to debate in our program this school year and are well on our way to supporting an additional 9000 students across 95 schools this year.