Program Officer for School Support

In this role, Chris is the CEO of making debate accessible and fun for students. As a part of the Program Team, Chris works with coaches and schools to develop strong debate programs that make debate engaging for students, and encourages students to explore new ideas. 

Before joining Chicago Debates, Chris worked in electoral politics in positions ranging from managing State House races and Congressional Campaigns to being on senior staff for national political organizations. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Appalachian State University. While in college he was a debater for the Appalachian State Debate Team, where he competed at a national level. In university Chris studied Syria and Iraq, specializing in militant mapping networks and writing for the International Review. He hopes to apply his knowledge of foreign policy to this year’s topic. 

Chris is excited to bring his enthusiasm and organizing background to Chicago Debates where he looks forward to bringing debate to more students across Chicago. In his free time, Chris organizes with Cook County Jail Support, plays Dungeons and Dragons, and dances with the Chicago Barn Dance Company. He also has the best cinnamon roll recipe and will bake you a mean casserole. 

In the future, Chris hopes to have his own farm where he gets to raise his chickens, make jam, and hold the best barn dances with his friends.